Add your first input connector

Monad collects your security data and puts it at your fingertips. But first you have to add connectors so you can get that data to Monad!

Your Monad account uses “connectors”, which are secured data connections, to your third party security tools. Where possible, Monad connects using an API key or token. Where that’s not possible, you should create a service account for the tool.

Before we start your tour of Monad, we’re going to add a connector so you can see more of the app working. If you don’t want to add a connector, that’s fine! You can skip to the Monad app tour.

Log in

When you first log in, you should see the Monad Map. If you don’t see the map, click Connectors in the top navigation bar.

Add an input connector

Tip! Before you start, make sure you have an API key or service-account access to a security tool you want to connect. If you aren’t sure how to find or create one, check the connector documentation for instructions.

To get started, find the Security section on the left, and click Connect a security tool. (If you don’t see this button, click Add connector at the upper right instead.)

Choose an input connector from the list that appears, and click Connect.

Enter the information to connect to the security tool. Usually this is a URL or host, and either a username and password or an API key and token, depending on which connector you choose. Check the documentation for the connector you chose if you need more information.

After you enter the connection information click Connect.

Monad checks that the credentials allow it to connect to the tool and access your data. If it is able to connect, Monad creates the connector and begins syncing data from the tool. If it is unable to connect, the dialog reports an error and you can reenter your credentials.

Awesome! You connected your first security connector! For extra credit (but who’s counting?) you can connect more security tools and an enrichment tool.

Now, let’s take a tour of the Monad app tour.

This page was last modified: 2 Aug 2023