Dynamic Application Security Testing. Dynamic analysis tools examine an application as it is running to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. See also SAST.


Data Processing Agreement. A DPA is an agreement between a data controller (such as a company) and a data processor (such as a third-party service provider). It regulates any processing of personal data conducted by the company for business purposes.


Extract, Load, and Transform. This is in contrast to ETL. This refers to the process of extracting data from a production system, loading it, then transforming it (usually using pre-computed or materialized views) to facilitate analysis.


Extract, Transform and Load. In contrast to ELT, this refers to the process of extracting data from a production system, transforming it with enriching data into a new format, and then loading it into a data warehouse for analysis (a separate database from production).


JSON Web Token, an open, industry standard (RFC 7519) method for representing claims securely between two parties.

Materialized view

A materialized view is a pre-computed table made up of aggregated and/or joined data from other tables.


Static Application Security Testing. Static analysis tools examine a program’s code to find software flaws and weaknesses. See also DAST.

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