GitHub Advisory Database

GitHub Advisory Database is an Enrichment input connector. Connect to GitHub Advisory Database.

IP Allowlists

You might need to add the Monad IP range of to your GitHub Advisory Database allowlist, so Monad can connect to it.


The GitHub advisory database is a security vulnerability database inclusive of CVEs and GitHub originated security advisories from the world of open source software. Each advisory in the GitHub Advisory Database is for a vulnerability in open source projects or for malicious open source software.

A vulnerability is a problem in a project’s code that could be exploited to damage the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the project or other projects that use its code. Vulnerabilities vary in type, severity, and method of attack. Vulnerabilities in code are usually introduced by accident and fixed soon after they are discovered. You should update your code to use the fixed version of the dependency as soon as it is available.

In contrast, malicious software, or malware, is code that is intentionally designed to perform unwanted or harmful functions. The malware may target hardware, software, confidential data, or users of any application that uses the malware. You need to remove the malware from your project and find an alternative, more secure replacement for the dependency.



The connector has no requirements and is publicly available. But in order to export the GitHub Advisory Database from Monad

  1. You must add the GitHub Advisory Database enrichment connector. GitHub Advisory Connector
  2. Once added you can then select Github Advisory under models to export. This will export the GitHub Advisory Database to your data warehouse. Models to Export

This page was last modified: 15 Nov 2023