Google Workspace

Google Workspace Identity Events is a Security input connector. Connect to Google Workspace and retrieve Identity events. Create credentials and delegate authority to get started.

IP Allowlists

You might need to add the Monad IP range of to your Google Workspace allowlist, so Monad can connect to it.

Set up Google Cloud Project and Credentials

1. Set up a Google Cloud Project:

  • Go to the Google Cloud Console.
  • Create a new project. Create Project
  • Search for Admin SDK in the google cloud console. Search Admin SDK
  • Enable the Admin SDK for your project by searching for “Admin SDK” in the library and clicking on “Enable”. Enable Admin SDK

2. Create credentials:

  • In the Google Cloud Console, go to the “Credentials” page. You can find this by searching for Credentials in the search bar. - Click on “Create credentials” and choose “Service account”.
  • Fill in the required information and create the service account. NOTE: You do not need to give this service account a role. Credentials Page

  • After creating the service account, navigate to the IAM & Admin by searching for IAM in the search field. IAM
  • click on “Manage service accounts” and edit the service account you just created.
  • Make note of the Unique ID of the service account as you will need it for the next step. Unique ID
  • Select Manage Keys for the new service account you just created. Manage Keys
  • Add a key to the service account by clicking on “Add Key” and choose JSON. This will download a JSON file with your credentials. You will need this file when setting up your Monad connector.

3. Delegate domain-wide authority to your service account:

  • Go to your Google Workspace Admin Console and login to your admin account.
  • Search for API Controls in the search box. API Controls
  • In the “Domain-wide delegation” section, click on “Manage Domain-Wide Delegation”. Domain Wide Delegation
  • Click on “Add new” and enter the Unique ID from the service account you created in the Create credentials step above.
  • Under OAuth scopes, you will need the scope Scopes

Set up a Google Workspace input connector in Monad

To set up a Google Workspace connector, you need an API token. Once you have this information, you set up the connector:

  1. Log in to your Monad account, and click Add connector.
  2. Select the Google Workspace connector.
  3. Optionally, change the default name for the connector. This name serves as a label for the connector in the Monad app, and you can change it later.
  4. Copy and paste the entire credentials JSON file contents obtained in the Create Credentials section into “Credentials Json”.
  5. Enter an admin email of your Google Workspace into “Admin Email” - This is probably the email you used to setup the above steps.
  6. Select which types of events you want to ingest using the “Activity Filter” field. We currently support “login”, “saml”, and “token” events.
  7. (Optional) - set your connector schedule
  8. Click Connect.

That’s it! Monad tests the connection to Google Workspace. If the account is configured correctly, you’re ready to pull your Google Workspace data into Monad!

This page was last modified: 15 Nov 2023